Search Advertising

Turn searches into leads for your business!

The Digital 360 Agency offers two Search Advertising products designed to fit your specific business needs.

Yellowbook Search Marketing

Key benefits:

  • Fully managed pay-per-click SEM campaigns
  • Certified SEM Specialists with extensive experience
  • Full campaign transparency – easily track your ROI
  • Daily, weekly or monthly automated tracking and reporting
  • Tracking of clicks, calls*, emails and page actions
  • Campaigns built specifically for your business
  • Optimization of campaigns on a regular basis
  • Saves valuable time and resources for you and your company

*Optional with Search Advertising Classic

Search Advertising Basic

The perfect choice for businesses that would like guaranteed results, are new to SEM or have a limited budget

  • Customized landing page with vanity URL included
  • 1800 number and call tracking option
  • Digital 360 Agency team support

Search Advertising Classic

Ideal for businesses that would like to maximize their spend, have had a previous SEM campaign or require a higher level of support and customization

  • Receive as many clicks as possible based on monthly budget
  • Customized landing page and call tracking available
  • Optional call recording (with call tracking)
  • Customer interview to gather information
  • Monthly campaign review