Web Analytics, Tracking and Reporting Program
What content and web properties are most valuable to your followers? How do you know?

Data-Driven Marketing – This program brings together senior marketing and IT executives to design and implement successful data-driven marketing strategies for their organizations. Representing a fundamentally different approach to marketing, the program presents a holistic view of data-driven marketing by including concepts from branding, campaign management, marketing metrics, marketing analytics, technology management, change management and finance.

The Analytics 360 program uses a collaborative campaign development environment to design, deploy and manage measurable marketing campaigns that maximize marketing return on investment, justify marketing spending, maximize marketing impact in consumer as well as business-to-business settings, optimize internet marketing, and leverage best practices for customer lifecycle management and state-of-the-art segmentation techniques.

The Analytics 360 program is based upon original Kellogg School research from Dr. Mark Jefferey of 250 firms capturing $53 billion in annual marketing spending. The related book Data-Driven Marketing: The 15 Metrics Everyone in Marketing Should Know, by Prof. Mark Jeffery, was the co-winner of the Berry-American Marketing Association best book award in 2011.

You may combine this program with consulting services from Dr. John Locke and Dr. Mark Jeffery.  Combining the program and consulting provides participants with a comprehensive toolkit, creative execution, campaign management, reporting and best practices for both quantitative and qualitative based marketing strategies.