Google Analytics

Whenever someone visits a web site, a variety of information is stored on the server in the form of access logs. These logs include valuable information such as:

  • the IP address of the computer (where they are)
  • the pages visited (what they saw)
  • the amount of data transferred (how much they “consumed”)
  • the time and date of the visit (how long they stayed)
  • the operating system (from which device)
  • the browser used by the visitor (with which software)
  • and more…

The most common information collected is used as an indicator of  whether a web site is doing well (number of visitors) what visitors are doing (click path) and when they visit a web site (peak traffic).

Each of The Digital 360 Agency’s managed web marketing programs includes installation of Google Analytics and consulting services to enable basic tracking and reporting, allowing marketers to define any range of analytical queries by date and navigate from general data to more specific data. Everything from bounce rates to conversion rates (how many visitors reach the goal) can be easily found by a few clicks.

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