Dr. John Locke

Silicon Valley’s Corporate Branding and Business Development Expert…

Dr. John Locke is Founder of The Mystic Media Group and Chief Creative officer of The Digital 360 Agency, Silicon Valley’s leading Strategic Corporate Brand Management firm. He is a recognized expert in corporate brand management, sustainable business development and digital media .  He has helped launch and bring to market over 100 innovative products, services and solutions for global and Fortune 100 enterprises including Pixar, Disney, Sony Music, Capital Records, ATT, EDS  Alcatel (France), TelMex (Mexico), Televisa , Chung-Hwa Telecomm (Taiwan), NTT (Japan), mid-market growth companies and Silicon Valley venture-funded startups.

Hollywood Roots:

John Locke started his career in music, film and television production in Hollywood before moving into strategic communications, brand management, and later, interactive digital media design and technology development. He began his entrepreneurial career as part of the team that launched Mesa-Bluemoon, Enja and Global Pacific Records, a joint-venture funded by Capitol and Rhino Records and ultimately sold to EMI.   He later joined Synapse Technologies, a cutting edge digital production company and joint venture between visual effects pioneer and advertising legend Bob Abel (RGAA/Tron) and IBM Ultimedia.

Silicon Valley Innovation:

Over the next 20 years John leveraged his experiences in media, entertainment, technology, business development and strategic management helping to design and bring to market over 100 products, services and solutions for global and Fortune 100 enterprises, mid-market growth companies and Silicon Valley venture-funded startups; over his career John also launched eight of his own ventures, now operating collectively as The Mystic Media Group.

Dr. John Locke is now one of the world’s leading consulting experts in strategic brand management, business development, integrated digital media and corporate marketing. He grew adept at helping others creatively launch brand new visions and product concepts into emerging markets and founded the Digital 360 Agency to bring that expertise today to growth oriented companies.  His broad experience spans projects in such diverse business sectors as:

  • Digital Media and Entertainment
  • Music, Film and Television Production
  • Software and Hardware Manufacturing
  • Streaming Media and IP Television
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Marketing Automation
  • Advanced Entertainment Technologies and Animation
  • Manufacturing and Retail
  • Education and Training

His clients have successfully launched new ventures in the US,  Latin American and Asian markets, raised corporate brand visibility, improved brand credibility and valuation pre M&A, introduced new online services, and accelerated venture financing with the help of his strategies.  Most recently the Digital 360 agency spun out Venture Cuest International to help bring emerging growth companies from Europe, and South America to Silicon Valley.

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Inspired Entrepreneur

The skills John has developed have led him to his work with The Mystic Media Group which is focuses on assisting other inspired entrepreneurs make a difference in the world.

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Brand Strategy and Sustainable Business Development Speaker

Dr. Locke is a sought-after public speaker and presents motivational lectures and workshops on a variety of brand marketing and emerging media topics at top corporations, institutions and universities.  As the inventor of the Persigma Executive Branding Platform,  Visibility 360 Audit and B.A.D.A.S.S. Rapid Business Development Framework for effectivly bringing new companies, products and services to market in the digital age, he is a thought leader.  Dr. Locke has presented for the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST), Association for Information and Image Management, Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs, Pacific Research Institute for Information Systems and Management, Executive Forums, and several local entrepreneurial organizations.

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A graduate of the University of Southern California and the University of Hawaii, Dr. John Locke is also an internationally recognized  Professor of Digital Arts and Marketing.  In Corporate America, John was a Digital Media Scientist with Walt Disney Imagineering.  In academia, he has lectured or served on the faculties of some of the top universities in the world including The University of Southern California, John’s Hopkins University, University of Hawaii, Michigan State University, Stockholm University and International Technological University.

In 1999 John founded the Digital Media Arts and Technology degree programs at Michigan State University and was retained again in 2013 to assist in the design, development, branding and marketing of the emerging Global Digital Arts Production and Management programs at International Technological University currently operating campuses in Silicon Valley, China and India.  He also lectures as a graduate Professor of Digital Arts and Marketing for ITU.