Certified Consultants

The Digital 360 Certified Consultants Program empowers professional marketers, executives and entrepreneurs to develop and expand their career opportunities by becoming part of our team of workshop facilitators and consultants.  Together we help design and develop your brand successfully by delivering clarity on:

  1. Your Brand Value
  2. Your brand positioning in online and offline advertising, product and promotions
  3. Brand communications in web, mobile and print design
  4. Brand monitoring throug advanced real-time analytics and dashboards
  5. Brand positioning in Search Engines and online directories
  6. Brand management across social media  platforms

Certified Digital 360 Consultants are carefully selected and trained by Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Dr. John Locke, undergoing an intensive training program followed by co-consulting assignments and regular, ongoing professional development.

Using the Digital 360 Agency’s BADASS Business Development System, our certified consultants can help to speed your brand towards more visibility, improved credibility and increased profitability.

If you are a strategic marketing or sales professional interested in expanding your career, contact us for infromation on our 2014 certifiation program.

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