Branding & Identity Management

Your brand is much more than a logo.  It is a corporate asset based on establishing and maintaining visibility, credibility and a positive reputation in the market place over time.  Whether you are a a start-up, mid-life corporation or Enterprise, brand equity is an invaluable asset that can account for as much as 90% of market capitalization (e,g, Clorox) and a sinificant factor in maximize corporate valuation multiples for mergers and acquisitions.

Strategic brand management is simply good business.  Developing a good relationship with target public and corproate leadership is essential for brand valuation and corporate growth.

The Digital 360 Agency’s Strategic Branding and Identity Consulting Services work collaboratively with our founder, Dr. John Locke and C-Level Management of your firm to provide:

  • Analysis on how a brand is positioned in the market
  • Identification to which target audience the brand is servicing
  • Strategic branding and ientity development
  • Execution planning and management

Tangible elements of strategic brand management include:

  • Corporate Brand and Identity Design or Re-design
  • Product Branding – product look, price, packaging, etc.
  • Executive Branding – C-Level positioning and reputation management
  • Perceptual Branding – The intangible brand experience the consumer takes away from engaging your brand
  • Community Branding – Consumer relationship monitoring and management of interactions that they have with your brand.