Digital Advertising & Email Marketing Program
Leverage the power of Google, Yahoo, Bing, Branded Email Newsletters and Persigma Personalized Email Advertising to boost your bottom line and meet your business objectives.

The Boost360 Paid Search Advertising & Email Marketing Program gives our corporate clients the ability boost to your bottom line by establishing and executing online media, advertising and marketing campaigns based on your budget and goals. This managed service works with our corporate clients to research, launch and administer every aspect of your paid search advertising & email marketing campaigns so that you reach or exceed your goals faster, easier and more efficiently. We work together with you to thoroughly analyze your company and its goals so we have a full understanding of your specific business requirements in the following areas:

  • Paid Search Search Engine Campaigns
  • Banner Advertising Campaigns
  • Video Advertising Campaigns
  • Email Advertising Campaigns
  • Personalized URL (pURL) Campaigns
  • Social Media Advertising Campaigns
  • Mobile Advertising Campaigns
  • Exclusive Personal Signature Marketing Campaigns
  • Email Newsletter Campaigns
  • + Call Center (Phone Call) Conversion Campaigns and Trackin

The Boost360 Paid Search Advertising & Email Marketing Program will fully manage and execute your entire online advertising campaign according to your specifications and a strategic plan that we help you develop.  Available management services include:

  • Research and strategy development – Expert analysis of goals, objectives, budget, industry, target audience segmentation and channel selection
  • Keyword Analysis – Detailed initial keyword and phrase research relevant to your product or service
  • Creative Execution -  Design of compelling display advertisements and landing pages, copy writing, videos and more
  • Content/Ad Copy Creation and Management
  • Campaign  execution, hosting, tracking and reporting
  • PPC Bid Management and ROI tracking
  • Expert Deep Return-On-Leads Analysis
  • Monthly Organic vs. PPC comparison reporting