Real-Time Analytics

For marketers seeking to unleash the power of real-time web analytics and lead generation, The Digital 360 Agency leverages real time business intelligence (BI) and marketing automation solutions that allow us to track the effectiveness of your web site, advertising and social media campaigns.

A real-time widget identifies and alerts your sales directors to  incoming leads generated by your marketing campaigns, as well as detailed information about each lead. All leads are automatically forwarded to you, via email and SMS without interruption.  The system can be configured to:


  • Track the number of business-to-business leads generated by your advertising program
  • Collect lead information such as visitor company name, visit date, time, duration, products of interest, address and zip code and possible contacts
  • View easy-to-read chart illustrations of your peak visit hours and your busiest days so you can optimize campaign spending levels
  • Monitor abandoned and lost contact requests to capture missed leads
  • Leverage real-time lead handling to uncover time sensitive opportunities and improve selling skills


Custom Dashboards for View Clicks, Popular Content, Impressions and more!

Get reporting that lets you know your marketing campaigns are working with the advanced metrics and reporting  tools provided in our easy to use  analytics dashboards. With a simple click you can guage the interest, clicks and traffic generated by your media and brand marketing campaigns, track your ROI, stay informed and better manage your marketing efforts. It’s all the information you need to manage your marketing activities, all in one place.

  • Analysis of your website clicks and impressions
  • Detailed reporting and Lead Tracking Profiles generated by your media brand marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Analysis of clicks generated by your search engine marketing program
  • Ability to track your ROI
  • Instant access to your account and online bill pay
  • Ability to verify and import visitor business profiles with Salesforce and Sugar CRM

Call The Digital 360 Agency at 855-DIGI360 to learn more how Real-Time analytics and Business Intelligence applications can help your sales pipeline grow.